Plants will ship to you in a small transplant size—the best size for producing healthy plants in your garden. Each plant is in an individual 2.5” wide pot. The plants are carefully packaged and shipped two-day delivery.

Shipping Package

All herbs and spring vegetable plants (rainbow chard, scarlet kale, broccoli, broccoli raab, and cauliflower) are available for shipping beginning April 26, 2016. All summer plants and flowers are available beginning May 17, 2016, except for snapdragons and stock which will be available two weeks later.

If we do not have enough of the plants you would like in stock, you can choose another option or we can grow the plants for you which takes 3-7 weeks depending on the type of plant you order.

Some states have restrictions on shipping certain categories of live plants from other states. If there is any problem shipping what you have ordered, we will let you know right away so that you can select other plants that are allowed in your state.

Quantity Orders

If you have a major landscaping project or you are a grower or landscaper and would like to order in flats of 50 or 128 plants each, with a minimum of 4 flats per order, please call or e-mail us for quantity pricing and shipping. Large orders will be custom grown and take 3-7 weeks to be shipped, depending on the variety.


Shipping is free to Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City, $8 to other Iowa locations and the neighboring states of Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. If you live in another state the shipping cost is $18. Shipping is billed to your credit card when each Vedic CSA box is shipped during the season. Delivery time is between 1 and 2 days depending on location.