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  • Better than anything I’ve ever had. New York
  • Humming with vitality. Arizona
  • Like eating sunshine. Washington D.C
  • Beyond ordinary organic. Maryland
  • So fresh and tender it glows. Iowa
  • Really elevates the quality of my meals. Idaho
  • Like receiving Consciousness in a box. Iowa
  • Packaging is fantastic. New York
  • Wonderful service. New Mexico
  • Nothing quite like your produce. Illinois
  • Just so blissful. Massachusetts
  • Fresher than from stores. Florida

The only Maharishi Vedic Organic
produce available in North America

Pandits in Greenhouse

Vedic Pandits trained in India residing at their campus in Maharishi Vedic City perform very specific live Vedic recitations to the plants in our greenhouses at each of the eight stages of the plants’ development—from seed to seed—creating an enriched vitality and balance in the plants that you’ll notice with the vegetables.

Winter in the Greenhouse

December 29 produce


Delivered each week directly to your home or office anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

You can receive our selections or choose what you want from available crops.

Summer, Fall, Winter 2017

Summer, Fall, Winter
(17 weeks) (10% Discount)
Full Share $1,156 ($68/week)
Half Share $867 ($51/week)

Summer Season 2017

June 26th to Sept 11th
5 weeks Remaining
Full Share $375 ($75/week)
Half Share $285 ($57/week

Fall Season 2017

Sept 18th to Dec 4th
Full Share $900 ($75/week)
Half Share $684 ($57/week

Winter Season 2017/18

Dec 18th to March 5th
Full Share $900 ($75/week)
Half Share $684 ($57/week

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December 29 produce

Vedic Produce

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