About Us

Maharishi World Peace Vedic Organics is a non-profit organization established in 2003 to aid Maharishi Vedic City, the local community, region and nation by studying, researching, and demonstrating organic, sustainable agricultural approaches, including ancient Vedic practices, in a year-round greenhouse setting.

Our Organic City

Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa’s newest city incorporated in 2001, is by ordinance an organic city. The land in the City is organic and the sale of non-organic food is not allowed.

Our Farm

Our first greenhouse was a hoop house with 2,700 square feet. Since then we have expanded to three acres of greenhouses. In 2015 we produced over 200,000 pounds of Vedic Organic vegetables.

Visitors from around the World

Former Prime Minister and First Lady of Japan

Mayor Robert Wynne and Maureen Wynne giving a tour of the greenhouse to Dr. Yukio Hatoyama, former Prime Minister of Japan, and Miyuki Hatoyama.

Kent Boyum with US Senator Charles Grassley

Dr. Kent Boyum with US Senator Charles Grassley, receiving a grant.

John Fagan

Dr. John Fagan working on an agricultural project in Nepal.

Carl Jorgensen

Carl Jorgensen at the Ho-Chunk reservation in Winnebago, Nebraska erecting greenhouses contributed by Maharishi World Peace Vedic Organics that he personally disassembled and transported from another location.

Paul Potter

Dr. Paul Potter, left, and Dr. Steve McLaskey of Maharishi University of Management putting up a greenhouses in Missouri.

Peter Swan

Dr. Peter Swan, hosting a daily online news program.

Jose Luis Alvarez Roset

Dr. Jose Luis Alvarez Roset speaking at the International Conference to re-establish Vedic India in New Delhi India in 2015, which he was instrumental in organizing.

Dean Goodale

Dean Goodale who was the inspiration to start our greenhouse project and who built the greenhouses shown here.

The greenhouses attract visitors from around the world.

Our Board

Our Board includes nine leaders in organic, non-GMO, and sustainable agriculture.

Mayor Robert Wynne and Maureen Wynne, President and Secretary of the organization, led in the establishment of Maharishi Vedic City, built two campuses in the City including one designed to house 1,000 Vedic Pandits from India, chaired the Academic Council at Maharishi University of Management and currently serve on the University’s Board of Trustees, and work with non-profit organizations in the US and nine countries. Mayor Wynne has degrees from Stanford University and Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Maureen from University of Texas School of Law.

Dr. Kent Boyum, Vice President of the Organization; Maharishi Vedic City’s Director of Economic Development and Government Relations; member of the Board of Iowa Organic Association who oversees organic certification of our project; Vice-Chair, Iowa Association of Energy Efficiency; former federally-funded Director of the Rebuild America program to promote energy efficiency in Southeast Iowa; Ph.D. in Biology with an emphasis in Aquatic Ecology, University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee.

Dr. John Fagan, Executive Director of Earth Open Source Institute; a leading authority on sustainability in the food and agricultural system, biosafety, and food safety and authenticity; founded, built, and sold Global ID Group, a pioneering company developing molecular biological tools to verify food purity and safety; formerly a biomedical researcher supported by millions of dollars in grant awards, including the prestigious National Institutes of Health Research Career Development Award; Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology, Cornell University.

Dean Goodale, Director of Operations of Sustainable Farms Development Group, organically farming land adjoining the greenhouse project and focused on locally grown and milled organic grains; former Chief Operating Office of the organization who built our first greenhouses and oversaw operations from 2003-2011; grew up in a family vegetable equipment business in Salinas, California; well-known advocate of organic food in the local community and a popular speaker on soil fertility and organic greenhouse vegetable production.

Carl Jorgensen, Director, Global Consumer Strategy-Wellness, Daymon Worldwide in Stamford, Connecticut, conducting global wellness consumer trend analysis for retailers and investors; former Business Manager, Simple Truth Brand, Kroger Region, Daymon Worldwide; for 14 years Chief Executive Officer and founder of Purely Organic, Ltd. Importers, wholesale distributors and e-retailers of artisanal organic foods from Italy; former President of Global Organic Certification Services under the USDA’s National Organic Program, and General Manager of Genetic ID in Fairfield, IA.

Dr. Paul Potter, educator and the administrative leader for programs in eight countries including Canada and Turkey, has organized courses and programs around the world for the past 40 years, and among his many activities led an agricultural project in Missouri for the organization shortly after it was founded.

Dr. Jose Luis Alvarez Roset, Raja Luis, established projects throughout Latin America in Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Peru and many other countries where tens of thousands of students practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique and its advanced programs, improving their academic performance and radiating peace in their communities and nations, including disadvantaged students such as those in the 37 centers of Father Gabriel Mejia’s Hogares Claret Foundation in Colombia; introduced large programs in military institutions, sports teams, universities, and businesses.

Dr. Peter Swan, raised in Africa in the rich agricultural areas of the southeast, worked directly under Maharishi’s guidance in agriculture for 10 years, and teaches agriculture and gardening courses in countries around the world with the goal of bringing out the fundamentals of scientific organic farming and helping the swing towards truly sustainable communities worldwide; frequently features interviews and news about organic agriculture and sustainability as host of the on-line daily news program, Maharishi’s Global Family Chat.