With a single stroke you can support your own well-being, the health and nutrition of your family, and the development of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture in America!

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Spring Season 2018
April 30 to July 16, 2018
(11 weeks)

Receive weekly deliveries for the Spring
anywhere in the U.S.

Full Share $990 ($90/week, 12 lbs of produce)
Half Share $792 ($72/week, 6 lbs of produce)
Quarter Share $660
($60/week, 3 lbs of produce)
Free shipping!

3 Season Spring, Summer, Fall 2018
April 30 to December 17, 2018 (33 weeks)
10% Discount

Receive weekly deliveries for Spring, Summer, and Fall Seasons anywhere in the U.S.

Full Share $2,673 ($81/week,12 lbs of produce)
Half Share $2,145 ($65/week, 6 lbs of produce)
Quarter Share $1,782
($54/week, 3 lbs of produce)
Free shipping!

Our packaging is reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable. You can also return it to us at no cost.

We ship to every state in refrigerated packaging usually the day your produce is picked so it will arrive 1-3 days after harvest, fresher than you would normally find in a store.

We ship directly to your home or office or anywhere if you travel.

Maharishi World Peace Vedic Organics

What is Maharishi Vedic Organic? (3:27)

Enjoy the only vegetables available in North America that are enlivened with ancient melodies recited by specially trained Vedic Pandits

Pandits in Greenhouse

Choose from more than 50 nutrition packed vegetables, herbs, and micro greens available each week


Personal experiences of Maharishi Vedic Organic vegetables

Lenny Goldman, a lawyer who has suffered from digestive health issues since he was a teenager.

“Because of my sensitivity I know very quickly whether something I eat is affecting me in a good way. Eating Maharishi Vedic Organic vegetables is definitely a healthier experience than eating other types of food, including other certified organic produce.

“I noticed right away that my awareness felt clearer during meals, rather than the feeling that energy was being taken away by the digestive process. Most importantly, after the first week, areas of chronic irritation in my colon felt eased.

“On top of these benefits, the vegetables’ amazing taste is unsurpassed by anything I have experienced before.”

Other experiences from members around the USA:

  • Better than anything I’ve ever had. New York
  • Humming with vitality. Arizona
  • Like eating sunshine. Washington D.C
  • Beyond ordinary organic. Maryland
  • So fresh and tender it glows. Iowa
  • Really elevates the quality of my meals. Idaho
  • Like receiving Consciousness in a box. Iowa
  • Packaging is fantastic. New York
  • Wonderful service. New Mexico
  • Nothing quite like your produce. Illinois
  • Just so blissful. Massachusetts
  • Fresher than from stores. Florida