Basil, Green


Traditional Italian basil with medium to light green leaves. This is the classic basil for pesto and is also delicious used fresh in salads, as a garnish, and sprinkled on cooked dishes before serving.

Best planted in warm weather outdoors or in containers in a sunny location.

Height: About 24”

Planting Instructions: Plant 6-8” apart in moderately rich moist soil in the garden or grow in containers. Wait until temperatures stay above 65º F to plant outside. Regular moisture is necessary. Not drought tolerant and can be damaged by heat stress. Mulching can help protect the plant and keep the roots cool and moist.

Light Preference: Sun

Harvest: Begin to pick leaves lightly after the plants become well established. If outside, pick in the early morning when temperatures are cooler so that leaves are less likely to wilt and handle leaves carefully to avoid bruising. Do not store leaves at temperatures less than 50 degrees. Pinch back any flower stalks that start to appear. Before the plants start to flower, you can harvest fully and then cut the entire plant to 4-6” above the ground to promote a second growth.