Calendula (Bright Yellow and Orange)


Bright yellow and a few orange blossoms with light-colored centers. The petals are edible and a popular choice to brighten salads. They can also be used fresh or dried in soups, rice dishes, baked goods, and to garnish desserts. Calendula petals add a spicy taste similar to saffron. Remove the petals from the flower base before consuming, as the base can be quite bitter.

Planting Time: Plant in containers or plant outside after the last hard frost.

Light Preference: Sun, filtered sun, or part shade

Height: 24-30”

Planting Instructions: Plant 6-12” apart in rich, well draining soil or in containers. Plants are annuals and will reseed. Hardy.

Harvest: For flowers harvest when flowers are ½ open. For edible use, wait until the flowers are fully open and pull petals off for using in dishes. Do not eat the flower centers.