Squash (Zucchini)


Dark green straight zucchinis with a delicate flavor that requires little more than a quick sautéing or steaming. Zucchini can be added to many soups and side dishes, baked into breads, or cut with a “spiralizer” to make zucchini noodles served with pasta sauce or pesto. The flower at the end of the zucchini is also edible.

Plant outside after danger of frost has passed and weather is settled.

Planting Instructions: Plant 18” apart in fertile, well-drained soil. Floating row covers protect plants from cucumber beetles, squash bugs and borers. You can also wrap the base of the plant with foil to deter these insects.

Light Preference: Sun

Harvest: When plants mature in 35-40 days harvest fruit regularly 2-3 times a week depending on the age of the plants and the amount of daylight. Cut or gently twist off young fruit. Harvest regularly or zucchini can grow to the size of baseball bats.