Tomatoes (Red Slicing)


Big, red slicing tomato weighing 8-16 oz. Vigorous plants. This tomato is a determinate variety, which means the plant is bushy, and pruning and trellising is not needed, making it easier to grow in your home garden. A tomato cage or a post can be helpful in giving some support. Fruit ripens within a concentrated period of time, usually about 6 weeks. You can stagger planting of additional plants to assure continuous harvest up to the first frost date in the fall.

Tomatoes are warm weather plants. Plant outside when night temperatures are at least 50º F and all risk of frost has passed.

Planting Instructions: Plant in medium-rich soil 12-24” apart. Water seedlings with a high phosphate solution. Abundant soil phosphorus is important for early high yields. Too much nitrogen causes rampant growth and soft fruits susceptible to rot. Do not water from above but use drip irrigation or carefully water the roots without splashing the plant. Prevent blossom end rot with abundant soil calcium and an even supply of soil moisture.

Light Preference: Sun

Harvest: After about 75 days from planting, begin to enjoy. Pick fruit often to keep the plant producing and do not allow ripe fruit to stay on the vine.