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Vedic Food for Enlightenment

Enjoy a wide-variety of unique, specially-grown greenhouse vegetables, grown year round in deep rich nutritious topsoil—USDA organic, non-GMO, glyphosate-free, sustainable and regenerative, using organic rainwater catchment, picked and shipped directly to you wherever you are in the U.S. in earth friendly refrigerated packaging. Fresher than stores. And we use an ancient practice of sounds administered live by Vedic Pandits trained in India to nourish the plants during the 8-stages of their growth from seed to seed.

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What subscribers are saying

Lenny Goldman, a lawyer who has suffered from digestive health issues since he was a teenager.

“Because of my sensitivity I know very quickly whether something I eat is affecting me in a good way. Eating Maharishi Vedic Organic vegetables is definitely a healthier experience than eating other types of food, including other certified organic produce.

“I noticed right away that my awareness felt clearer during meals, rather than the feeling that energy was being taken away by the digestive process. Most importantly, after the first week, areas of chronic irritation in my colon felt eased.

“On top of these benefits, the vegetables’ amazing taste is unsurpassed by anything I have experienced before.”

Other experiences from members around the USA:

Your vegetables are divinely life-giving and clearly more vital with prana than what is in the stores...Such a blessing to our community.

Maharishi Vedic Organic Produce is HEAVENLY! The produce is sooo fresh that it radiates an abundance of pure vibrations! Whether I juice them or savor them in a salad, the body feels deeply nourished from this Vedic Organic Vegetable experience.

Thank you for returning and being able to continue providing this healthy service! You are Blessed; the Produce is Blessed; and we are Blessed. A win-win-win for all!

The MVO vegetables have transformed my mealtimes by adding a predominant spiritual expansion of awareness to the usual sensual gratification.  Wow!  It is beautiful!  I love it!  Thank you!

The produce has been fresh and delicious.

The produce is perfect!  It is fresh, unblemished and, of course, vibrant.  With the addition of this on top of all the other Maharishi technologies I engage, I feel like I am almost walking on air... literally!  Such a blessing!

I love to receive Maharishi Vedic Organic vegetables.  They arrive beautifully packaged.  I have never enjoyed cooking vegetables so much!

They are colorful, generous and in a league of their own in terms of freshness, cleanness and total enjoyment.

Yes, it is wonderful!  Glad we are back on track.

The vegetables are so delicious. I just had lunch. Yummy!! So grateful for the work you do. 

We are looking forward to receiving the sattvic Maharishi Organic vegetables again. We are sorry for the problems you had this winter. Glad Spring is on the way.

Sample summer and fall Vedic Organic items

We have been growing organically greenhouses and fields here in Iowa since 2003.

The only Vedic Organic produce in North America.

Rated “BEST” by Whole Foods Markets for sustainability and socially responsible growing.

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